Supernatural Big Baits 10" Mattlock

$ 104.99

Brand: Supernatural Big Baits

This is the 10" Mattlock from Supernatural Big Baits. It has a wider profile than either of the (2) sizes in the Headlock. This bait has the same solid construction as the others in the lineup. Solid Aluminum lip to withstand many collisions with rocks and muskies. Heavy duty hardware with 6 coats of epoxy. The 3 hole design in the lip means the Mattlock is self tuning to run at maximum wobble and walk. The hole in the very front of the bait is the shallowest setting and will run deeper as you move closer the the body of the bait. The Mattlock will troll over 6mph but it's designed to be most effective at slower speeds which makes it great for early and late season musky fishing. If Giant Muskies are your thing a Mattlock should be on the end of your line. 10" long (11 1/4" with lip) and 7.6 oz