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More Stagger Blades from Musky Frenzy

In the past few months we added the new IC10 from Musky Frenzy and we also upgraded our color lineup in the popular IC9 and 8/9 Stagger Blades as well. A couple of the things that make these blades different than many other bucktails would be the 1 piece clevis. This clevis will get these blades spinning as soon as they hit the water. The other thing you'll notice is the Indiana/Colorado combo on the blades. This will produce a different thump but it will also make these blades pull easier through the water since the different blades won't flare out quite as far as your traditional double Colorado blades. Check out the video below from Doug Wegner Fishing on some recent success he's had with these blades. If you want an incredible lineup of colors including some exclusive stuff visit 

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