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New for 2018 the .22 Long from Llungen Lures

This year seems to consist of baits that are smaller or bigger than their predecessors and the 22 Long is no different. This bait is about 2" bigger than the 22 short which came out 2 yrs ago. The deep diving lip gets this bait down to places not many crankbaits this size can reach. The 22 Long has super loud rattles to really get this bait noticed. A great addition to the angler who likes to cast and troll. Check out the video below to see this bait in action. 

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8" Regular Swimmin' Dawg from Musky Innovations

It's new for 2018... the Regular size Swimmin' Dawg from Musky Innovations. This bait is the smaller brother to the 11" Mag Size Swimmin' Dawg that came out last year. This new bait will make a great addition to your early season arsenal. Team this with either a Llungen Osprey or Kramer Bros Revo Attachment to add another dimension to these baits. You can find these baits by clicking HERE.

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