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New for 2022 - The 14" Minnow from Slammer Tackle

This new crank from Slammer Tackle is going to be a staple in the boats of many anglers once the fall fishing period starts. Of course there will be some anglers looking to run this in open water sooner it will primarily find its use as a fall trolling option. You can check out the video below to learn more about it or click the link and listen to the podcast we did with Bill from Slammer Tackle. As always you can find the largest color selection around by clicking HERE

If you want to listen to a podcast about this bait click HERE


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Just added Slammer 10" Deep Minnow and Shads

These 10" Deep Minnows and 10" Deep Shads are perfect for fall fishing. Slammer Tackle baits are built from solid plastic with through wire construction and will last many seasons. Available now in 6 exclusive TRO custom colors. Find everything from Slammer Tackle by clicking HERE.

Find the running depths for many Slammer Tackle Cranks below. 

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